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Mastering Tennis Tactics

A complete guide on the 5 different tennis gamestyles, how to find which one is best for you, and how to beat each type of player.

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Training Journal


Over 200 pages of information, advice and space for athletes to track and chart their training journey.


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Find Your Grip

 Everything you need to know about tennis grips

Movement Basics

Your A-Z of movement on a tennis court

Technical Handbook

Discover the technical fundamentals for any game style

Coach's Checklist

For achieving optimal tennis performance

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Marc Sophoulis

Senior Tennis Coach

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Sports Psychologist

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Flexibility Specialist

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Biomechanics Expert

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Tennis Fitness courses

Learn from world renown trainers Nathan and Giselle Martin, who have worked with five number 1 players. They offer a huge selection of courses to help you achieve your fitness goals.

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