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Access a comprehensive collection of flexibility activities to keep your body limber and help prevent injury.

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Lauren Skopal

Exercise Specialist

As a national medallist in her sport, Lauren understands the dedication it takes to be an elite athlete at the top of their game. Following her rhythmic gymnastics career, she went on to perform as an acrobat in over 10 countries around the world. 

This journey led to an abundance of experience on how to maintain your body at different ages, manage injuries and adapt to performing in varying international environments.

Lauren is an accredited Exercise Scientist specialising in Flexibility Training and she is currently completing her Masters of Applied Sports Science at Deakin University in Melbourne. Through her business Limber Sports Performance, Lauren has assisted a wide range of athletes achieve their movement goals in sports such as Tennis, Soccer, Football, Martial Arts, Climbing, Gymnastics, Dance, Ice Staking, Calisthenics, Sports Aerobics and more. 

Marc Sophoulis

Director and Head Coach

Since 1996, Marc has coached athletes at the highest level in the sports of tennis and Australian Rules Football (AFL). He has also mentored and trained coaches in the art of coaching and athlete development for the past decade. 

As head coach of tennis at the Maribyrnong Sports Academy and MITS Tennis in Melbourne Australia, Marc has been instrumental in developing a sustainable high-performance tennis program while working closely with a diverse group of talented young players.

Since 2007 Marc has worked at the Richmond Tigers AFL club in multiple roles as the coaching coordinator and assistant coach in the Victorian Football League (VFL) program.

He has led and facilitated Tennis Australia's Level 1 and 2 coaching courses since 2007, and regularly creates, develops, and conducts coach development courses and workshops in both tennis and AFL.

Marc’s coaching philosophy is an innovative pracademic approach, where he uses science and data to support and create practical interventions within a holistic, team focused framework.

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"Marc is extremely professional at what he does, and I highly recommend any coaches out there to go to any talk that Marc is involved in."

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