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We Are The Tennis Menu

We make teaching tennis easy and intuitive for coaches of all levels through our innovative platform and free information.

Our Story

Ours is the story of two coaches within the tennis industry, both on different paths.

Marc Sophoulis is a highly successful career coach who has worked with everyone from five year old children to highly ranked professional tennis and football athletes. He's spent twenty years developing and putting into practice his own philosophies and programs around coaching. As a coach and mentor he's had a positive impact on the lives of thousands of people around the world, but he was looking for a way to package his knowledge and reach people he otherwise couldn't.

Nick Gissing has a background in video and technology related to tennis, and is passionate about using his skills to make an impact on people around the world. As a coach and business owner, he knew that there were opportunities through tennis to have an impact on people. The world of online business made it easier than ever to get information out to help people, but he needed an experienced coach like Marc to help him find those opportunities.

Together, Marc and Nick have been able to combine their skills to bring a product to market that provides coaches around the world with a formula for success that is unparalleled. Drawing on Marc's immense experience and Nick's ability to reach audiences, the Tennis Menu is the culmination of over 30 years of experience, brought to you in a format that is unique to the tennis industry.

Marc's development of the principles and values within The Tennis Menu programs transcend sport. As a lifelong coach, Marc not only teaches high performance and development, but lives it everyday. As a key member of the Richmond Tigers Australian Football League (AFL) coaching team and their VFL assistant coach for 13 years, Marc knows what it takes to teach and develop athletes, regardless of what they do. As a recent mentor and consultant to performers in all walks of life (from dancers and singers to business specialists), the coaching philosophies he's developed over this time are highly sought after by anyone wishing to develop into a better coach or performer.

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Meet Our Co-Founders


Marc Sophoulis

With over 20 years of high performance coaching experience at all levels of the game and across multiple sports, Marc's coaching record speaks for itself. He oversees the content and coaching behind The Tennis Menu, and when he's not improving the lives of those around him, he likes to spend as much time as possible with his young family.

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Nick Gissing

Nick has been a coach for 12 years and has owned a number of small businesses. He has a Sports Science degree from Deakin University, a business degree from the University of Melbourne. Today, he oversees the technology behind The Tennis Menu (including designing this website), and enjoys keeping active and always challenging himself to improve and learn new things.

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Our Team

Find out more about the people who help put The Tennis Menu together.

Limber with Lauren

Lauren Skopal - As a national medalist in her sport, Lauren understands the dedication it takes to be an elite athlete at the top of their game. Following her rhythmic gymnastics career she went on to perform as an acrobat in over 10 countries around the world. This journey led to an abundance of experience on how to maintain your body at different ages, manage injuries and adapt to performing in varying international environments.

Lauren Skopal

Lauren is an accredited Exercise Scientist specialising in Flexibility Training and she is currently completing her Masters of Applied Sports Science at Deakin University in Melbourne. Through her business Limber Sports Performance, Lauren has assisted a wide range of athletes achieve their movement goals in sports such as Tennis, Soccer, Football, Martial Arts, Climbing, Gymnastics, Dance, Ice Staking, Calisthenics, Sports Aerobics and more.

  • ESSA Exercise Scientist
  • Exercise and Sport Science Honours
  • Bachelor of Health Science
  • NSA Associate Nutritionist
  • Gymnastics Australia Advanced Coach
  • Certified Stott Pilates Trainer

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Crunching The Numbers

Shane Liyanage - Shane has extensive experience in performance analytics, working in multiple sports as a player and coach analytics consultant.

With roles in multiple professional sporting organisations, tour level tennis players and sports media, Shane has the experience and passion to turn complex, robust analysis into simple, easy to understand, actionable insights for players, coaches and teams.

  • A decade of experience in Data, Financial and Business analytical roles
  • Analytics Lead in community cricket - Cricket Australia, sitting on the Strategy & Insights working group
  • Data visualisation and statistical contributor to media including FiveThirtyEight, Last Word on Tennis
  • Co-host of 'Crunching the Numbers' in the SEN First Serve podcast series
  • Completing Masters of Sports Analytics
  • Bachelors of Commerce/Law with specialisation electives in finance, accounting and statistics - Australian National University
  • Executive Data Science Specialisation Certification - John Hopkins University
  • Tableau Data Science and Data Visualisation Certification

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George Vogiatzis

George is our go to coaching consultant and one of the senior coaches at MITS.

Val Febbo

Val writes a lot of our blog articles, and is a podcast superstar at BreakPoint Tennis

Sally Jacob

Sally's our go to photographer. Follow her at Melbourne Sports Photography

Danni Sophoulis

Danni is the lead graphic designer, and helps to keep Marc in check.

Joel Fruci

Joel is one of our blog writers and Twitter master. He also co-hosts the BreakPoint podcast.

Nick Busuttil

Nick is the Tennis Menu's biomechanics expert and course advisor.


Tony is one of our superstar video models. You'll find him in many of our videos.


Ivy is another of our amazing video models. She can be seen in a range of drills.


Stephen is the third of our video models. He appears in a select number of drills.


Breanna makes a number of special appearances. Look for her in the Skills package.


Alex appears in a number of our updated video drills, showcasing his huge forehand.


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