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Weekly Mentoring

Work towards tennis excellence with exclusive weekly mentoring sessions led by Marc Sophoulis, our world renowned high-performance coach. Dive into personalised guidance, strategies, and expert advice, making this your premier destination for holistic tennis improvement.

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Drill Hub

A comprehensive collection of over 1000 drills, categorised for easy use. Whether it's honing your forehand, perfecting depth control, mastering court movement, or refining net play, our simple organisation makes incorporating diverse drills a breeze. Use these drills to enhance your game effortlessly. This versatile resource has enhanced 100's of tennis journeys already.

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Tennis “Secrets”

Unlock the best-kept secrets – A compilation of videos that will be your key to significant improvement on the court. Delve into exclusive insights, from the most effective ways to prepare for matches to Marc's coaching strategies against the likes of Federer. Discover hidden gems on improving strokes, dissecting opponents, and gaining a competitive edge. These secrets are so good; it almost feels unfair knowing them.

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The Tennis Doctor

Your virtual guide to transforming weaknesses into strengths and strengths into weapons on the court. Simply select your specific goals or challenges, and our database will prescribe multiple drills. Whether you're looking to address a specific issue or amplify a particular strength, the Tennis Doctor is your go-to resource for a personalised training prescription.

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Exclusive Pro Videos

Explore the world of elite tennis with our Pro Videos – a rich library featuring the training visions of over 70 professional players. Witness firsthand the techniques, intensity and training regimens employed by the best in the game. Conveniently categorised for easy use, improve your understanding and performance by watching the professionals hone their skills and strive for tennis excellence.

Templates and Resources

Simplify and enhance your tennis experience with this versatile toolkit. Designed to support players, coaches, and parents alike. Explore a variety of templates and resources curated to enhance your experience on and off the court. Whether you're a coach seeking effective training plans, a parent navigating the tennis world, or a player looking for tools to elevate your game, our comprehensive collection provides the templates and resources you need for success.

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Featuring over 30 pre-recorded videos, we offer a wealth of knowledge and inspiration for tennis players, coaches, and parents. Covering a wide spectrum of topics from tennis strategies to high-performance insights, these presentations include engaging talks by Marc Sophoulis. You can also explore Marc's mentoring sessions, podcast interviews and interactions with renowned sports figures, providing a unique opportunity to tap into his experience and elevate your understanding of tennis and high-performance coaching. 

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“Marc is fantastic, he speaks really clearly and concisely and is happy to be vulnerable with his audience. I would absolutely, 100% recommend.”

— Jackson V, Verified 'The Tennis Menu' User

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