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technical analysis Jul 27, 2020

The Limber with Lauren Package has everything you need...

At The Tennis Menu, we've joined forces with a number of specialist experts to put together a complete holistic program for coaches, parents and athletes. As part of the "Coaches Cupboard", Lauren Skopal is your go-to flexibility expert and has created the Limber with Lauren program to provide a perfect complement to any tennis coaching program.



About Lauren

As a national medalist in her sport, Lauren understands the dedication it takes to be an elite athlete at the top of their game. Following her rhythmic gymnastics career, she went on to perform as an acrobat in over 10 countries around the world. This journey led to an abundance of experience on how to maintain your body at different ages, manage injuries and adapt to performing in varying international environments.

Lauren is an accredited Exercise Scientist specialising in Flexibility Training and she is currently completing her Masters of Applied Sports Science at Deakin University in Melbourne. Through her business Limber Sports Performance, Lauren has assisted a wide range of athletes achieve their movement goals in sports such as Tennis, Soccer, Football, Martial Arts, Climbing, Gymnastics, Dance, Ice Staking, Calisthenics, Sports Aerobics and more.


What is the Limber with Lauren package?

The Limber with Lauren package is a comprehensive training method with 11 programs to target flexibility, mobility and stability. The exercises are inspired from gymnastics-based training and pilates to challenge your body and keep the ultimate muscle balance. 

5 Reasons why you can’t go without the Limber with Lauren package….

  1. Develop your range of motion (ROM) slightly beyond the levels required on court and avoid movement constraints and missed shots. 
  2. Optimize your stroke power through enhanced segmental rotation of the body and energy flow through the kinetic chain. 
  3. Decrease your injury risk by balancing your mobility & stability
  4. Develop important training habits in your junior players and maintenance programs for mature players 
  5. Optimize your recovery with our post training, partner stretching and release and roll programs


What does each program offer?

Rope Plyometrics

A selection of skipping drills for your cardiovascular warm up before training or limbering to ↑ Heart rate, ↑ Respiration rate, ↑ Blood flow & ↑ Joint viscosity. It can also be used as stand alone cardio-cross training. The gymnastics skipping drills are a great coordination challenge too! 


Release & Roll

A selection of self-massage exercises to release all your tight spots. You may choose to do these before or after training or when you have spare time at home. The quad, ITB and back roll are my daily go to’s before training and I used the other exercises sporadically as required. 

Dynamic Pre-Flexibility Training

A comprehensive list of exercises to choose from for your Pre-Training Flexibility Warm Up. Most research supports the use of Dynamic Warm Ups and their effect on performance but don’t worry we realise a few laps of butt kicks won’t suffice. These active exercises are inspired from gymnastics-based training and will have you feeling primed and limber for your court warm up. 


Post Training Static Stretches

After training when your muscles are nice and warm is an optimal time to stretch. This program provides a range of stretching exercises to complete after tennis. You may choose to focus on your tightest muscles or choose one exercise for each muscle group.


Partner Stretching

Improve your muscle relaxation and flexibility gains with Partner Stretching! Particularly useful after training to reduce bothersome muscle soreness and restore ROM. Take particular attention to how the partner assists the stretch in the videos, in many instances you will see how we are continually moving the pressure in a massage style motion to prompt muscle relaxation.


Mobility & Stability

Flexibility is not everything – you must find the ultimate balance of mobility and stability and this theme resonates in all our programs but particularly this one! The mobility & stability program is a great addition for injury prevention. You can add it to your gym program, perform it at home or use it as an alternative warm up.


Foam Roller

If you thought the foam roller was just for rolling then think again! This light program includes a series of mobility and core exercises using the foam roller. A great addition for injury prevention and the exercises lying along the roller will activate the deep stabilisers of your spine and help you feel amazing after a hard week of training.


Lower Body

A series of exercises focused on lower body muscles including the calves, hamstrings, gluts, adductors, quads and hip flexors. If lower body is your restriction, go through the program and add the exercises targeting your weakness to your daily or weekly regime. 

Spine Mobility

A comprehensive Spine Mobility program with a range of exercises from beginner to advanced. Exercises should be done in order but you can skip any that you find too intense for your level of flexibility.


Back Strength & Flex

A series of exercises strengthening your back through ROM. Some exercises require a partner so pair up with a training buddy.


Advanced Exercises

This program has exercises from our advanced repertoire. Try these as a challenge once you have mastered our other programs or for our more flexible players to keep them on their toes.


The Limber with Lauren package will be available as part of The Coaches Cupboard at The Tennis Menu from August 1st 2020. Good luck and please get in touch with any questions about our package, general training queries or feedback – we’d love to hear from you!