How to use the numbers to your advantage

technical analysis Jul 29, 2020

Crunching the Numbers has everything you need to understand the latest trends in the game of tennis.

At The Tennis Menu, we've joined forces with a number of specialist experts to put together a complete holistic program for coaches, parents and athletes. As part of the "Coaches Cupboard", Shane Liyanage is your go to data and trends expert and has created the Crunching the Numbers program to provide a perfect compliment to any tennis coaching program.


About Shane

Shane has extensive experience in performance analytics, working in multiple sports as a player and coach analytics consultant, including top 100 ATP and WTA players.

With roles in multiple professional sporting organisations, working with tour level tennis players and sports media, Shane has the experience and passion to turn complex, robust analysis into simple, easy to understand, actionable insights for players, coaches and teams.


What is Crunching The Numbers all about?

As data science and predictive analytics have become more mainstream with the advent of more powerful computers, using data to understand sports, and gaining insights from data analysis to better prepare for competitive matches has been one of the biggest additions to elite sport in the last decade. 

With experience working with athletes in multiple sports, including players in the top 100 of the ATP and WTA, as well as junior athletes – Shane Liyanage brings together key information and insights as part of the ‘Crunching The Numbers’ package.

The overarching aims of the package are to:

  1. Introduce the use of data analysis to players and coaches in a simple manner; and 
  2. to guide them on how to embed the use of statistics in training and match preparation. 

To begin, the package presents data and analysis on ten key topics in tennis to help users understand why data is important in the modern game.

The statistics and data visualisations presented break down ranking groups in the ATP and WTA tour on these topics. The aim is to give the user the ability to see the benchmark in each category, and each ranking group cascading down from that. 

A key part of each topic in the package is the analyst’s explanation which outlines what the data shows and considerations required when using the data.  Further, a coach’s narrative is included – which gives practical applications of the data, including recommended drills and scenarios to implement the data and statistics.

Crunching the Numbers looks in depth at the following categories, with the data and coach perspective presented in video and text.

  • Point Winning %
  • Serve Plus 1
  • Serve Points Won
  • 0-4 rally length success
  • Positive Point Endings
  • Gender Differences
  • Hitting multiple volleys
  • Approach with no volleys
  • Serve Ascendancy
  • Shots in Matches

Shane Liyanage explains that he has plans to expand this package in the future with feedback from users and sees this package as a “blank canvas” that can be filled with lots of data driven content covering keys parts of the sport.

The Crunching the Numbers package will be available as part of The Coaches Cupboard at The Tennis Menu from August 1st 2020. Good luck and please get in touch with any questions about our package, general training queries or feedback – we’d love to hear from you!