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The Tennis Menu Training Journal

  • Track your progress daily with your coach
  • Chart goals and accomplishments
  • Reinforce positive behaviours
  • Bring a sense of accountability to your development.
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Track your goals and plans. And then review them regularly.

By filling out this journal daily, you'll be able to discover what works and what doesn't. From that, you'll be able to create a recipe for success - giving you consistent results.

Gain insights into your training and competition.

Over a period of time you'll develop a powerful recipe for success, which is going to be built on the knowledge gained throughout the process of filling out this journal.

Learn more about yourself and your playing style.

Self reflection is one of the most powerful tools in sport and life, and this journal allows you to reflect on every single situation you come across on the tennis court.

The ultimate accountability buddy

The best players take ownership of their game and are always looking to improve. Don't get left behind because you're not recording your habits.

Buy now (paper copy)

Electronic version