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Enjoy free access to 28 premium video drills from the Technical Toolkit

Four incredibly informative Ebooks from the resources library

Access podcasts, presentations and blog posts at the Knowledge To Go page.


Annual Subscription

$99.90 USD
(Limited Launch Price)

Per year

Over 600 tennis specific drill videos within the Technical Toolkit

10 Result Recipes to guide you through common technique solutions

The Tennis Menu Training Journal

Everything in the free plan, including the Ebook library

Yearly updates to videos and additional drills

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Coaches Cupboard

$39.90 USD

Per program per year

The Coaches Cupboard allows you to select from a range of programs developed by experts in different fields. A great compliment to any tennis program.

Yearly updates to videos and additional drills and information.


Open the Coaches Cupboard

Our selection of independent, expert video packages that will take your coaching to the next level.

Inspired by gymnastics based training and the latest sports science research to help you optimise movement and stay injury free!

$59.90 USD / Year

Review the latest data trends in tennis with analyst Shane Liyanage and understand how the numbers shape tennis in ten categories.

$39.90 USD / Year

Gain an understanding of what to eat and drink for optimal performance with a leading expert.

Coming soon.

Let a renowned sports psychologist take you through best practices to achieve peak performance.  

Coming soon

Complement your coaching program with the latest advice on improving physical performance.

Coming soon

A comprehensive course and analysis covering the latest advice and trends in sport physiotherapy.  

Coming soon

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By signing up to our annual subscription, you receive access to all drills videos, encompassing the Technical Toolkit, and the Results Recipe libraries. Plus the premium training journal and everything in the free plan.

As we add new content you automatically receive it with your subscription.

You'll also receive direct access to our development team, who are here to work with you to best utilise the drills and programs you have access to.

Membership renews automatically annually, so you don't need to do anything to renew. At any time you can cancel your subscription, however you will lose access to our membership site.

We are regularly adding new videos and features to our programs. As a paying member you receive these updates automatically each year.

In the event you're not happy with our product you can get a full refund within 7 days of purchase. Simply email us at [email protected] with your request.

The Tennis Menu subscription is designed to provide guidance for coaches, parents and athletes looking for tennis success. If you are having trouble understanding the best way to implement our drills and information into your coaching or playing environment, please reach out to us here, where we'd be happy to help you.


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