Here at The Tennis Menu we aim to deliver coaches, parents & athletes with access to a collection of drills, activities and pathways to follow to develop the skills, physicality and games sense of our tennis players. Although, in context we have an underpinning philosophy that ensures a player is ready to accept our ideas. We will give you reason why we do these activities, when we would implement them and what we focus on during the activities. But it is through our philosophy, as shown below, that we get the most impact.


Before we implement any of our content we need to understand our athletes intimately to ensure we are teaching them the right way for their personality and learning style. We want to ensure that all athletes have the right behaviours, habits and standards to continue their development through self drive and motivation. We want them to be able to  display winning habits, and have comfort that they are physically capable of achieving our activities and then, only then, we can teach begin to implement the teaching of the game of tennis.


Once you have gone through a player profile and got all the information about your athlete then you can find which activities are needed to assist your athlete in their development process. But before you feel comfortable please take into consideration the following when delivering your message and interventions.



  1. The Chronological age of your athlete
  2. Their Physical Age
  3. Their Tennis Age
  4. Their Developmental Readiness
  5. Their Learning Styles
  6. Their Personality Profile
  7. Their Family Values
  8. Their history
  9. Previous Learnings
  10. Their home environment & upbringing.




Welcome to our learning platform at The Tennis Menu. We aim to guide and assist you in your development or your athletes career. Stay tuned for more advice, pathways, and development tools to further yours or your athletes careers.


Marc Sophoulis

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