Technical Interventions

Gain access to the ultimate collection of tennis activities and drills to help you become a better coach. 

Do you find you always do the same lesson, with the same drills and find yourself or your students getting bored?

Refresh your sessions with some new activities, fun games, warm ups that develop the body and prepare you to perform, interventions that correct stroke mechanics and drills that will develop your game from beginner to professional in no time.

Your own library of over 700 tennis specific videos on demand from any device. Tried and proven to correct and develop stroke production through 25 years of experience.

▶️ 192 Forehand drills

▶️ 182 Backhand drills

▶️ 91 Serving drills

▶️ 46 Netplay drills

▶️ 29 Return drills

▶️ 131 Warmup drills

▶️ 71 Skill Development drills

Remember: It’s not what you do it’s how you do it. Always use the drills to drip feed information to players. Interventions are a means to get the players to feel what they need to achieve so when you open up your session to live situations, they have a clear understanding of the key landmarks.

Why should you get these interventions?

We're different: Our videos are professionally produced. No assistant coach holding a shaky camera standing there for 10 minutes talking to you.

We get straight to the point and don't mess around. Head to the area of the game you wish to improve and look for whatever you need.

Because they work: We have developed National Champions in Australia, Grand Slam winners in both the professional game and junior world tour and have worked with 4 world number 1 players. The proof is in the pudding!

Keep an eye out for our upcoming courses to see how our experts use each drill to develop their athletes and embark on The Tennis Menu experience of player development. 

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