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Crunching the Numbers Package

Review the latest data trends in tennis with professional analyst Shane Liyanage and understand how the numbers shape tennis in ten important categories.

Join Shane and Marc as they dissect the latest data trends, and then discuss to apply this information practically as a coach:

  • Point Winning %
  • Serve Plus 1
  • Serve Point Won
  • 0-4 Rally Length Success
  • Positive Point Endings
  • Gender Differences
  • Hitting Multiple Volleys
  • Approach with No Volleys
  • Serve Ascendancy
  • Shots in Matches

Shane has extensive experience in performance analytics, working in multiple sports as a player and coach analytics consultant.

With roles in multiple professional sporting organisations, tour level tennis players and sports media, Shane has the experience and passion to turn complex, robust analysis into simple, easy to understand, actionable insights for players, coaches and teams.

- Masters of Sports Analytics
- A decade of experience in Data, Financial and Business analytical roles
- Data lead in community cricket - Cricket Australia, sitting on the Strategy & Insights working group
- Data visualisation and statistical contributor to media including FiveThirtyEight, Last Word on Tennis
- Co-host of 'Crunching the Numbers' in the SEN First Serve podcast series
- Bachelors of Commerce/Law with specialisation electives in finance, accounting and statistics - Australian National University
- Executive Data Science Specialisation Certification - John Hopkins University
- Tableau Data Science and Data Visualisation Certification