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It's a Tuesday at 4pm.

You're on court with your talented group of 12 year olds from the local neighborhood. This is the third week you've worked on backhands this term, yet the activities you're doing with them don't seem to be making an impact. You understand development is not a short term game, and every drill you try encourages involvement and makes them work hard. Then you realise...

  • You're not sure why you're doing that specific drill.
  • You don't have any idea if this is appropriate for your player's ability level.
  • Your players are only working on court, there's no long term development plan.
  • This is the third week in a row you've done this drill, and are running out of ideas to keep your lessons fresh and exciting.

And then you stumble on The Tennis Menu and coaching begins to take on a different perspective for you...

I'm Marc Sophoulis, the Head Coach and co-founder of The Tennis Menu. I'm a multi sport high performance coach with over 20 years experience and proven results.

The Tennis Menu is so much more than just a collection of  800+ drills. It incorporates on and off court teachings with short and easy to implement real solutions to common problems you've faced before. The emphasis is on you becoming a better coach or player, not just giving you a bunch of drills.

Let's share this journey together and become the best players and coaches we can be.

Marc Sophoulis

Marc Sophoulis - The Tennis Menu
Technical Toolkit - The Tennis Menu

Technical Toolkit


Access a library of over 600 tennis specific videos on demand from any device.

▶️ 143 Forehand drills

▶️ 120 Backhand drills

▶️ 61 Serving drills

▶️ 47 Netplay drills

▶️ 28 Return drills

▶️ 131 Warmup drills

▶️ 71 Skill Development drills


Clear explanations and take away points, allowing you to focus on creating future champions, not working out how to run the drill.

We're different: Our videos are professionally produced. No assistant coach holding a shaky camera standing there for 10 minutes talking to you.

We get straight to the point and don't mess around. Search by drill type, and watch a 1 minute video that shows you the drill without fluff. You should focus on teaching, not watching videos.

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The Tennis Menu
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Cara Black - The Tennis Menu

Cara Black

"The Tennis Menu is a great platform for kids, parents and coaches. If you want to learn from the best, go and check it out."

10 time Grand Slam Champion

Katherine Westbury - The Tennis Menu

Katherine Westbury

"There's so many variations of drills and tips to cater to all player's. It's great to have access to his coaching online."

New Zealand Fed Cup representative

Sara Tomic

Sara Tomic

"The Tennis Menu is a great way to access all of Marc's experiences online. The drills are for any age and any level of tennis"

WTA Player


Result Recipes - The Tennis Menu

Result Recipes


A comprehensive guide that shows you how coach and improve common technical flaws using our library of drills.

Take the guesswork out of coaching, with specific solutions and guides for the games most common technical problems.

Start with a warmup, add a sequence of targeted drills, and then regress or progress when needed. We show you the way and the things to look for.

Allow us to help you understand the reasons behind our recipes. It's not just enough to tell you what to do, we'll show you our thinking and help you understand our best coaching practices.

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Result Recipes - The Tennis Menu
Knowledge To Go - The Tennis Menu

Track your results

Access Knowledge to Go, our comprehensive library of resources for you to download, read, listen to and watch.

Utilise our premium product, The Tennis Menu Training Journal. Free electronically for a limited time with any Tennis Menu subscription purchase (printed version also available).

Training Journal - The Tennis Menu

The Tennis Menu Training Journal is the ultimate in accountability tool for your players.

"This training journal is an amazing tool for coaches".

  • Map their habits
  • Chart their goals and accomplishments
  • Reinforce positive behaviours
  • Bring a sense of accountability to their development.
Knowledge To Go
Knowledge To Go - The Tennis Menu
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Karan Rastogi - The Tennis Menu

Karan Rastogi

"The Tennis Menu program benefits all kinds of players, whether you're recreational or high performance."

Hong Kong Davis Cup Captain

Bryan Brothers - The Tennis Menu

Bryan Brothers

"Marc is an amazing tennis mind and now he's started The Tennis Menu. It's everything you need, so check it out."

16 time Grand Slam Champions

Dane Propoggia - The Tennis Menu

Dane Propoggia

"Marc's coaching philosophy has really helped me immensely throughout my career. I learned a lot."

Former ATP player

Take Action - The Tennis Menu


YouTube is great. It's a great resource for improving as a coach, plus it's free.

This issue is also it's strength - There's so many coaches telling you what to do and giving you the latest and greatest new drill. It can be pretty overwhelming though to work out who knows what they're talking about, and locating videos that don't require you to sit there for an eternity to get some useful information. Finding good, concise content is next to impossible. 

At the Tennis Menu, we believe you should have a clear understanding of which drill to use with your players, why you should use it, and when the best time is. We help take the guesswork out of developing your players.

All of our videos guide you along this development path, with clear explanations and take away points, allowing you to focus on creating future champions.

With us, you don't just get a new drill. You get:

  • The reason behind the drill.

  • The understanding to implement it when most appropriate with your player.

  • A breakdown of how it should be used in conjunction with other drills within a lesson.

  • A list of the equipment we recommend, and why we recommend it for that drill.

  • The meaning behind any terminology used to teach the drill, to help you best communicate knowledgeably to your students.

  • An online community of like minded coaches from around the world that want to become better.

  • And a ton of new content produced daily just for you, because we believe coaching isn't a job, it's a lifestyle.

When you subscribe, you receive:


⚪ Over 600 drills in the Technical Toolkit (Valued at $399)

⚪Result Recipes for your technical solutions (Valued at $277)

⚪ The Tennis Menu Training Journal (Valued at $19)

⚪ Tennis Language Ebook

⚪ Learn Your Grip Ebook

⚪ Movement Basics Ebook

⚪ The Tennis Menu Technical Handbook

BONUS! Access to The Tennis Menu Private Community - Coming Soon (Valued at $60)

Take  Action - The Tennis Menu


Total cost = $755

Limited time launch price

$99.90 USD per year


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