History has shown us that a coach will coach hundreds of players in their coaching lives. A small percentage of these players achieve greatness and the others move onto other things.

1% of athletes make it to the pinnacle of the sport, while the other 99% pursue other pathways after the realisation that their dream is unattainable.

WHY aren’t they ALL successful? Same coach, same philosophy, same environment. 🤔

Many factors play a role including: A family’s support, financial backing, the athlete’s behaviours and training habits etc . But the FACT is, the athlete is merely the Train and the coach is the Tracks.

Anytime the athlete goes off the rails the coach is there to guide them back onto the rails, merely nudging them back onto their dream pathway before they go in a completely different direction.

The coach guides the athlete towards the destination and keeps them on track, however the athlete needs to drive the energy towards the destination.

Whether you’re a coach, or an athlete – know your role in the journey. Everybody needs to play their role. Most importantly, we need to allow the athlete the ability to play their roles with the best support possible.


Always Remember:


Athletes – You are the Driver. Take Responsibility.

Coaches – You are the tracks. Keep your Athlete on the right path.

Parents – Support your child and create an environment that assists your child to perform to their best capabilities. 

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